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About Panda Painting

Panda Painting is one of the leading interior designing painting, and renovation company in the industry.

We specialize in high-end Interior and Exterior painting and are here to help you bring the ambiance you desire to life! Painting Company in Richmond.

  • We’re professional and certified designers
  • We use quality material to make your walls awesome
  • We care about our customers satisfaction
  • Professional Painters in Vancouver
  • We have 30+ years of experiences for give you better quality results.

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    Our Services List

    Services We’re Providing

    Interior Painting

    Choose us to have your residence’s interior painted with the best quality interior paints out there!

    Exterior Painting

    Hire our skilled exterior painting experts and provide a fresh outlook to your house!

    Basement Reno

    Give your business or Basement Renovation building a whole new look with a new and brilliant paint job.

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