Panda Painting

We specialize in high-end Interior and Exterior painting and are here to help you bring the ambiance you desire to life! Our Painting Company Vancouver ensures its treasured customers that we use the best products in the industry and never let the quality of our work be compromised, no matter what.

Our dearest Painting Company Vancouver has been making happy customers, clients, and contacts for about the last 15 years and has gained a lot of experience in all of that time. The work provided by our trusted, trained, and remarkable painters and colorists has resulted in satisfied, happy clients from several cities in Canada like Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and the North Vancouver area.

Our Painting Company Vancouver is wholeheartedly committed to Quality Painting and offers a largely wide range of services that consist of:

  • • Interior & Exterior
  • • Basement Upgrade
  • • Apartment & Condo
  • • Doors & Trims
  • • Wall & Ceiling
  • • Offices & Restaurants
  • • New Construction

Our cost-effective, high-quality, and unique services are all you need to use to bring out a new and improved look to your house, apartment, or office! The paint and other painting supplies that we use are always kept up-to-date to the freshness and quality that is required to provide the perfect paint job for your chosen interior or exterior surfaces.

Our company was established solely for the purpose of providing quality paint and home and office renovation services. Work with us to give your desired interior and exterior locations the exact look that you want them to have. Our experts and professionals will take you with them through every step of the process and will make sure that all of it is going exactly how you want it to be.

Once you put your trust in our work and our team, we promise that you will not be let down – all of the work will be presented exactly the way that you want it to be, with zero disappointment and only a hundred percent satisfactory results!

To give your house, office, or apartment a fresh, bright, and newly renovated look, choose our painting services now and relish in the brand-new ambiance and aura brought about by the fresh coats of paint entering your life with one of the best painting companies in Canada out there.

Our refined and high-quality paint never fails to enlighten its customers! Feel free to roam about our website to learn more before you decide to contact us and enjoy the astonishing privileges and services brought to you by our company and the professional teams that work with it.

The professional colorists, consultants, and painters hired and working at Painting Company Vancouver are gaining new experience everyday and are always here and committedly ready to work on your interior, exterior, and commercial painting jobs, trims, basement upgrades, and more.

We deliver excellent results and have dozens of satisfied customers in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and North Vancouver area