Exterior Painting

While exterior painting is the essence of your house’s outside appearance, it is also so much more than that; it covers all of your house’s outside surfaces, such as the fence, front door, driveway, garage, patio, shutters, and the stairs if there are any outside.

Exterior Painting Vancouver takes all the necessary measures required to ensure that your house’s exterior is provided with paints of the highest quality and colors (and color combinations) that will take your breath away! Professional Exterior Painters in Richmond.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Painting?

Unlike interior paints, exterior paints are made with softer resins that allow the paint to fight fungal growth, temperature changes, and moisture. Our exterior paints are also highly resistant to peeling and chipping, because of the acrylic resins that are used for them.

Furthermore, the paints at Exterior Painting Vancouver have excellent weather resistance and alkali resistance – they aren’t easily damaged over fresh concrete or stonework.

Is It Ok to Use Interior Paint for Exterior Surfaces?

The expert colorists and painters at Exterior Painting Vancouver advise our beloved customers to not mix the purpose of interior and exterior paints until there is no choice left as interior paints are not strong enough to survive environmental changes and pressure as they are not designed for that purpose.

Exterior paints last longer and do not have trouble tolerating the harsh conditions brought about by nature and this is why interior paint is not recommended to be used outside, as it is not able to resist outside conditions.

Which Paint Color Should You Choose for Your Fence, Patio, Driveway, And Garage?

Fence: It is no secret that fences are mostly colored white or brown – we even see it in the movies! Other options that you should consider are blue and black. While black would provide a neutral and modern look, blue would allow your yard to appear with a pop of color.

Patio: Colors like red, purple, blue, or green would stand out best and will make it much easier for you to give your patio a pop of color.

A dark shade of red would allow your patio to radiate a vividly vibrant vibe whereas a green painted patio would provide a nature-filled appearance – add a fireplace, and you’re left with a wonderfully warm and relaxed environment. Purple (preferably dark) will not hesitate to bring out a fashionable and attractive look to your personal outdoor space.

Professional Exterior Painters

Driveway: The experienced painters from Exterior Painting Vancouver will surely be using concrete paint with the color that you want to paint your driveway. Choices like tan, brown, and darker shades of gray that are dark and natural are the most favored to be used on the driveway.

However, Exterior Painting Vancouver’s specialists will also guide you to find the perfect color needed on your driveway using their criteria. A considerate point from it would be that they will help you match it with the color scheme of your house to confirm that it complements the house best from outside in the end.

Garage: Just like the driveway, paint colors such as grey, or lighter shades of brown would go best for your garage – these colors give off an environmental look and are also very easy to maintain. Imagine what a nightmare it would be to clean a garage that is painted entirely white from the outside!

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